PEGS Boston Virtual 2020

Are you attending PEGS Boston Virtual 2020? Applied Photophysics will be there exhibiting our Chirascan and SX platforms. Come and see us!

Poster title: A New Approach To Assess Minor HOS Changes With Circular Dichroism


During development of biosimilars and innovator biotherapeutics, the importance of detecting minor changes in higher order structure (HOS) is well recognized. Increasing demands from regulatory authorities for objective, statistically-validatable data present a challenge for certain data types, including circular dichroism (CD) data. Here, we present results from subjecting an IgG1 to a range of degradation conditions, comparing the resulting CD spectra followed by a rigorous statistical analysis. The significance of the differences between the datasets can be objectively evaluated leading to stronger regulatory submissions.

Presented by: Marc Neglia, President APP 

Date: Aug 31- Sept 4, 2020

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