<p>CHI PEPTALK 2021</p>

We are excited to be going to this year's virtual PEPTALK conference. Come and see us.

We will be presenting a poster on: 

Beyond alpha-helix and beta-sheet: Expanding the Role of Circular Dichroism

Dates: January 19 - 21, 2020

Time: 10am - 5pm PST 

Abstract of the poster: Circular Dichroism (CD) spectroscopy has long been regarded as a low-resolution technique as its application focused on estimating the alpha-helix and beta-sheet content of proteins by secondary structure analysis of far-UV CD data.  This view of CD, though widely held, is no longer accurate as technological advances enable CD spectroscopy to provide more comprehensive structural information including near-UV CD to assess minor changes of tertiary structure. The high sensitivity of state-of-the-art CD instrumentation like Chirascan makes such data amenable to statistical analysis, allowing for a more rigorous assessment of higher order structure. This approach allows evaluating if such changes are significant or not and thus provides more confidence than old-fashioned deconvolution analysis limited to far-UV data. Using case studies, we illustrate our improvements to CD technology, including enhanced resolution in the near-UV, improved analysis of thermal stability from continuous multi-wavelength experiments, and the use of Weighted Spectral Difference to demonstrate spectral similarity, with the ultimate purpose of allowing scientists to make informed decisions based on statistically verifiable CD data.  



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