Webinar: Higher order structure: bridge between all CQAs?

<p>Webinar: Higher order structure: bridge between all CQAs?</p>

Targeting HOS to bring biologics to market faster

Higher Order Structure measurements are a regulatory requirement and more. Because of the protein structure: function paradigm, HOS measurements are complementary to function. Robust approaches on HOS support functional assays when assessing risk associated with post translational modifications.

  • Understand why knowledge of a CQAs impact on HOS is as important as knowledge of its impact on function
  • Learn best practice for HOS including statistical approaches and regulatory expectations
  • Deepen product understanding to improve efficiency, reduce risk and make stronger regulatory filings


Discover the latest thinking on HOS and bring your biologics to market faster.


Free Live 30-minute Webinar including data from 2 collaborative studies.

November 17, 2020, ASIA: 16:30 (CST); EUROPE: 09:30 (CET) REGISTER NOW 

November 17, 2020, AMERICAS: 11:30 (EST); 08:30 (PST) REGISTER NOW 

Presented by: Doug Marshall Product Manager for Chirascan at Applied Photophysics.


Are your characterization and comparability studies robust and efficient?