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The Festival of Biologics is your opportunity to hear from industry leaders, global regulators, and world-renowned academics at the forefront of innovation, with an exhibition hall with 150 exhibitors as well as 2500 industry leaders to network with. It is the meeting place for the life science community to bridge the gap between academia and industry,   The festival covers start to finish of biologics from discovery, through development, to manufacturing, clinical trials and commercialisation. With five events in one, the Festival encourages conversation across the entire industry so you can inspire change, champion innovation, and address complex challenges that the biologics industry is facing. Join us for 3 days of cutting-edge insights into the latest industry developments. The Festival of Biologics is a must-attend event for pharma and biotech professionals.


Why Now?

  • Biologics have completely transformed the way that patients are treated. Biologics don’t replace older medicines with newer medicines.
  • They increase the range of options for treatments, giving new opportunities for patients and their clinicians.

Keynote Speaker

Jana Hersch is the Head of Scientific Engagement at Genedata and will speak about how digital transformation drives change in biopharmaceutical companies of every size. With the steady increase in laboratory automation, growing data stores across all modalities, including multi-specifics, cell and gene therapies, and RNA therapeutics, are being leveraged for AI/ML approaches. Multiple digital solutions need to be connected and structured into robust data streams so that companies can seamlessly access, analyze, integrate, report, and model data for R&D projects. She will discuss emerging lessons showing how biopharma and biotech companies are connecting every part of data and analytics ecosystems to extract maximum value, reduce effort duplication, and implement AI/ML approaches.