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Paper of the Month: November Edition


Once in a while, our Chirascan systems are used for applications we never would have dreamed of - measuring samples after taking them on a drone flight is definitely one of these: this study investigated the possibliity of drone delivery of epinephrine auto-injectors for treatment of anaphylactic emergencies and assessed associated potential risks. As part of this assessment, adrenaline in the form of free base as well as ampoules and bitartrate formulations was subjected to simulated onboard conditions and an actual drone flight and examined afterwards by CD spectroscopy. Fortunately, no adverse effects by agitation on chiral stability was found, and temperature-dependent racemization was not observed either, so we are one step closer to drug drone delivery - the future is here!


Beck, Bui, Davies, Courtney, Brown, Geudens, and Royall. 2020. “An Evaluation of the Drone Delivery of Adrenaline Auto-Injectors for Anaphylaxis: Pharmacists’ Perceptions, Acceptance, and Concerns.” Drones 4: 66.

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