Chirascan and Chirascan V100 Control Software

If you have an Applied Photophysics website user account, but are unable to access any software download or if you experience any other difficulties please contact – Thank you.
If you are unfamiliar with or unsure of the update process, we strongly recommend contacting your local customer support personnel who will be happy to guide you through.

Chirascan V100 Control Software (also referred to as Pro-Data Chirascan and Pro-Data Viewer)

The installation file will update existing versions of the Chirascan Control software.
Download the installation file, run the file and follow the simple step-by-step instructions. Do not under any circumstances uninstall previous software versions.

All previous software versions from v4.4.0 onwards will be updated. This update is compatible with Windows 7 and 10. Older software versions cannot be updated. Users still running Windows XP will require a USB communications upgrade and Windows 10 for compatibility.

Note that the latest control software will always be installed by a service engineer during scheduled Preventive Maintenance visits covered by a Chirascan or Chirascan V100 Support Plan.