Obtain orthogonal data –
simultaneous fluorescence data.


Monitor changes in fluorescence

Controlled through Chirascan software, the CCD fluorometer generates emission spectra in seconds providing CD, absorbance and fluorescence data in a single experiment.

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Optimal sample concentration and absorbance

Flow cells, cuvettes and holders

The flow cells and cuvettes suitable for the most commonly encountered analytical conditions are supplied with Chirascan Q100. An extensive range of flow cells and cuvettes is available to provide full flexibility for further optimization of sample concentration and absorbance if required. All flow cells and cuvettes are manufactured from far-UV quartz to enable analysis of the secondary structure of biomolecules.

Each Chirascan Q100 flow cell consists of a digitally-recognized cartridge containing a thermocouple and a quartz cell.

Flow cell selection – for automated, multi-sample analysis

Cuvette and holders selection – for single sample analysis