CCD Fluorometer


Used to complement CD and absorbance information, the Chirascan CCD fluorometer provides orthogonal information on tertiary structure of proteins.

Acquire additional structural information

  • The addition of tertiary structure, assessed by fluorescence, to the secondary and tertiary structure assessed by far-and near-UV CD respectively.
  • Measuring excitation and/or emission spectra
  • Using intrinsic protein fluorescence emission and extrinsic fluorescent dyes

Acquire additional stability/folding information

  • Perform isothermal and thermal denaturation experiments

Fast measurements, minimum user intervention

  • Measure full emission spectra in less than 10 seconds
  • Acquire CD, absorbance and emission spectra in the same experiment*
    • Fluorescence measured sequentially after CD and absorbance
  • Optimise conditions by using different wavelengths and bandwidths for Fluorescence and CD measurements
  • Control through Chirascan control software

CCD fluorometry in theory

  • Absorbance and subsequent emission of light over a range of wavelengths
  • Emission occurs within nanoseconds

Technical Specifications

Perform CD and Fluorescence in a Single Experiment

  • Probe secondary structure (far-UV CD) and tertiary structure (Fluorescence)
  • Determine melting temperatures based on CD & fluorescence
  • Add fluorescence measurements with minimal increase in experiment time