LKS80 Laser flash photolysis:
Follow nanosecond reactions

LKS80 Laser Flash Photolysis Spectrometer

Laser Flash Photolysis provides one of the most effective methods for direct measurement of transient species such as radicals, excited states or ions that occur during chemical and biological reactions.

Applied Photophysics has supplied laser flash spectrometers since 1973. The latest generation instrument is represented by the LKS80 system. Enabling measurement of transient absorbance changes over nanosecond timescales and longer, the LKS80 enables fully automated acquisition of single and multiwavelength datasets.

  • Greatly enhanced S/N - oversampling of up to 40 million data points per acquisition over linear or logarithmic time courses
  • Unrivalled sensitivity from nanoseconds to seconds
  • Easily manageable data sets
  • Single high stability light source for Pulsed and CW operation
  • Application flexibility includes options for:
    • detectors and amplifiers for rapid acquisition of multiple transients in solar cell research
    • photodiode detectors up to 1650nm
    • photomultiplier detectors for singlet oxygen.