Key Features

Some of the key features that contribute to market-leading stopped-flow systems

  • Multi-pathlength, 5-window stopped-flow cell: maximizes fluorescence sensitivity, minimizes inner-filter effect and provides optimum pathlength for absorbance and fluorescence measurements
  • Ratio mixing: simultaneous drive of both syringes by a single ram for continuous, fast and efficient mixing at ratios from 1:1 to 25:1
  • Pneumatic syringe drive: unbeatable dead-times for a given sample volume - optimal dead-time and sensitivity
  • Dedicated fluorescence and absorbance detectors: optimised for the very different regimes demanded by each mode
  • Automatic dead-time measurement: simple stopped-flow drive shows that the system is performing optimally for very fast kinetics
  • Programmable monochromator: full scanning capability including acquisition of time-resolved spectra.