Stopped Flow

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Stopped Flow
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The preferred choice

for steady-state and kinetic studies

The outstanding sensitivity, opto-mechanical performance, robustness and intuitive software of the SX20 stopped-flow system has made it the preferred choice for researchers across the world. Speed together with a choice of mixing and detection options, offer maximum productivity in steady state and kinetic studies.

A comprehensive range of accessories, including sequential mixing, fluorescence polarization and photodiode array detection, further expand the capabilities of this well-recognized product range

  • Optimized for absorbance and fluorescence without the need for reconfiguration
  • Exceptionally high fluorescence sensitivity with low inner-filtering
  • Robust design, straightforward operation
  • Full scanning capability
  • Wide temperature range


Key Features

  • Wide choice of light sources: Ultra-stable xenon for a wide range and LED light sources for routine wavelengths.
  • Pneumatically driven with unique integrated mixer cell design, for minimal dead time.
  • Dedicated absorbance and fluorescence PMT detectors optimised for each technique.
  • Dual detection channels that can be read simultaneously, for techniques such as FRET.
  • Automatic measurement of the dead-time and drive volume– no need for calibration.
  • Unique cell design optimised for sensitivity whilst reducing inner filtering.
  • Supported by an extensive range of accessories for diverse applications.

Stopped-Flow Applications

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Emergence of irreversible modulation in drug discovery

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