RX2000 — Rapid Mixing
Stopped-Flow Accessory

Expand the capability of a UV or
fluorescence spectrometer

Ideal as a teaching aid, the RX2000 is a portable, high performance stopped-flow accessory to enable kinetic measurements of reactions at least a thousand-fold faster than those run by manual methods.
Compatible with a wide range of UV-Vis spectrometers and fluorometers from major manufacturers, the RX2000 is built from chemically-resistant materials with an armoured umbilical for robustness.

  • Save sample: generate reproducible data with a drive volume of only 120 μL
  • Observe reactions on 10 ms timescale and higher: dead times as short as 8 ms
  • Observe reactions at 0 - 60°C: sample temperature controlled from drive syringes through to cell and recorded on a digital temperature display
  • Achieve asymmetric mixing ratios from 1:1 up to 1:10 when using different-sized syringes: simultaneous drive of both syringes provides ratio mixing capability.