Couette Cell

Well-oriented molecules

By orienting your molecules along a laminar shear flow, this Chirascan accessory allows you gaining insight into the relative orientation of macromolecules. Available for manual Chirascan systems.

An accessory to expand the capabilities of your manual Chirascan system

  • Orientate chromophores relative to the shear axis to study
    • mode of DNA-ligand binding
    • orientation of membrane proteins
    • effect of shear stress on the sample
  • Study molecular structures that are either intrinsically oriented or oriented during the experiment
  • Typically used together with linearly polarised light (LD signal mode), but can also be used for CD measurements

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Features and Specifications

Compatible with Chirascan VX and Chirascan V100

Low gap-to-radius ratio
  • Gap-to-radius ratio: 0.25 mm : 4.65 mm, ~5.4%
  • High angular velocity
  • Homogeneous flow and shear rate
  • Low shear rate inhomogeneity: ~11% variation across gap (cf. other systems ~45%)
  • Low Reynolds number (for stable circular laminar flow)
Additional holder
  • Compatible with small path length cuvettes (0.5 mm or 1 mm)
  • Normal CD or LD measurements without need to remove accessory
Lamp and mirror
  • Allows in-situ inspection of Couette Cell
  • Confirm sufficient sample volume and bubble-free loading
Temperature control
  • Includes quick-fit connectors for optional sample temperature control with a temperature-controlled water circulator
Software control
  • Separate SmartMotor software for precise control of shear rate
Included components
  • High Shear Couette Cell accessory holder
  • Couette Cell (quartz glass rotor and stator)
  • Further parts for assembly and power supply
  • Calibration jig
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