Follow fast kinetics

Operating similarly to our SX product range, this Chirascan accessory allows following fast kinetics by CD and other signal modes. Available for manual Chirascan systems.

An accessory to expand the capabilities of your manual Chirascan system

  • Follow fast reaction kinetics and determine rate constants
  • Investigate protein folding and unfolding and multimer formation
  • Distinguish chemical from non-chemical steps in protein catalysis

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Features and Specifications

Compatible with Chirascan VX and Chirascan V100

Dead time
  • Low dead time of ~1.2 ms
  • Option for rapidly interchangeable 0.7 ms dead-time flow cell
Experimental setups
  • Single- and double-mixing
  • Different syringes for ratio mixing available
Flow cell
  • Demountable stopped-flow cell for path lengths of 2 mm and 10 mm at a sample volume of 20 μL
  • Option for reduced dead-time cell for path lengths of 1 mm and 5 mm at a sample volume of 5 μL
  • Low sample consumption (<100 μL per shot)
Lamp options
  • Hg-Xe (>250 nm, single wavelength, no nitrogen ourge needed)
  • O3-free Xe (>250 nm, spectral kinetics, no nitrogen purge needed)
  • Xe (<250 nm, far-UV)
Temperature control
  • Includes quick-fit connectors for optional sample temperature control with a temperature-controlled water circulator
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