Circularly Polarised Luminescence

Study excited states of chiral molecules

With an additional photoelastic modulator, this Chirascan accessory provides insight into the excited states of chiral molecules. Available exclusively for the Chirascan V100.

An accessory to expand the capabilities of your Chirascan V100

  • Characterise metal iron environments—e.g., lanthanide complexes as chiral probes and in liquid crystal displays
  • Characterise biological polymers—e.g., chemiluminescence in some firefly species
  • Characterise simple organic molecules—e.g., polycyclic aromatics used as cancer drugs, or stereo-dynamic probes for analytics

Chirascan V100


Now also compatible with the Solid Sample Holder accessory for CPL measurements of samples in solid-state!


Chirascan solid sample holder accessory

Features and Specifications

Compatible with Chirascan V100 only

Minimised photoselection artefacts
  • Horizontal linearly polarised excitation beam, but vertical linearly polarised emission due to polariser at 90° geometry
CPL and CD with same setup
  • Switch between CPL and CD measurements with a single mouse click
  • No change of hardware setup required
Liquid and solid sample measurements
  • Accessory can also be installed in 180° setup for measurement of solid samples in transmission mode
  • Depolariser for solid sample measurements included
Wavelength range
  • 205 nm* to 900 nm

*at maximum bandwidth

  • Typical root mean square (RMS) noise value (glum), for 18 mM S-Camphorquinone in EtOH: 0.0014 at 504 nm emission wavelength*

*10 nm emission bandwidth, 468 nm excitation wavelength, 10 nm excitation bandwidth, 20 s digital integration time, 800 s total acquisition time, 475 nm cut-off filter

Small footprint
  • Little additional bench space required for SEM (18 x 26 cm)
Included components
  • Scanning emission monochromator
  • CPL photomultiplier tube detector
  • Light guide coupling
  • PEM switch box
  • PEM unit
Included components (continued)
  • Electronics unit with hanger
  • APD detector shielding
  • 515 nm cut-off filter
  • 0.5 mM Eu(facam)3 reference
  • Further parts for assembly and electronics
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