Fluorescence Polarisation

Monitor molecular mobility

Without the need for additional optical components, this Chirascan accessory allows monitoring processes that cause a change in rotational mobility of molecules. Available exclusively for the Chirascan V100.

An accessory to expand the capabilities of your Chirascan V100

  • Monitor processes causing change in rotational mobility of molecules such as multimerisation, ligand binding, un-/refolding, and viscosity-dependent processes
  • No additional optical components such as polarising filters required
  • Range of cut-off filters available
  • Easy installation

Chirascan V100







Features and Specifications

Compatible with Chirascan V100 only

Wavelength range
  • 300 nm to 650 nm
Simple setup
  • Makes use of right-angle instrument geometry
  • Low complexity optical setup without moving parts, polarising filters etc.
Included components
  • Dedicated photomultiplier tube (PMT) detector
  • 550 nm cut-off filter
  • Filter holder with clip
  • Fluorescence port blanking plate
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