Near Infrared Extension

Extended range

Increasing the available wavelength range of your system to up to 1700 nm, this Chirascan accessory allows you to go beyond UV and UV/Vis. Available exclusively for the Chirascan V100.

An accessory to expand the capabilities of your Chirascan V100

  • Increase working range to wavelengths up to 1700 nm (i.e., wavenumbers up to 5900 cm-1)
  • Study low-energy electronic transitions such as transitions in metal complexes
  • Study vibrational overtones such as C-H (Δυ = 3) and H (Δυ = 2) stretching overtones which occur at ~1200 nm and ~1400 nm
  • Easy installation

Chirascan V100







Features and Specifications

Compatible with Chirascan V100 only

Wavelength range
  • 900 nm to 1700 nm
  • Switch between Chirascan V100 standard setup and Near IR Extension to cover entire wavelength range
Bench space
  • Additional ~25 x 20 cm required next to lamp housing
Included components
  • 100 W tungsten-halogen lamp (ozone-free)
  • Lamp power supply
  • InGaAs photodiode detector
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