Stopped Flow

Stopped Flow
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SX20-LED Support Plan

Optimal performance, maximum productivity and minimum downtime

  • Regular Preventive Maintenance is essential to guarantee and maintain consistent performance and reliable results.
  • For 25 years, SX stopped-flow systems have proved to be some of the most reliable and best performing in their class. SX Support Plans have been carefully designed to offer the right level of cover to match your operational demands, frequency of use and budget.
  • A Preventive Maintenance visit keeps a stopped-flow system in optimum working condition. Charges for this service cover time and travel of a fully trained service engineer as well as a comprehensive set of spare parts required to bring the system up to the highest performance standard.
  • In addition to substantial discounts on parts and services, users of an SX system covered by a Support Plan are given priority when submitting enquiries to our Helpdesk or when scheduling on-site visits from a fully qualified service engineer.
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