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Stopped Flow Upgrades

Increase sensitivity of fluorescence measurements

SX LED Light Source Upgrade

Increase sensitivity of fluorescence measurements

The SX LED Light Source Upgrade provides a significant improvement in performance of stopped-flow fluorescence measurements. The higher intensity and stability of the LEDs compared to the existing xenon light source increases signal:noise and detection sensitivity limits.

  • Lower noise levels and increased sensitivity for all fluorescence modes
  • Simple to install and alignment-free
  • Long lifetimes (typically 5000-50000 hours)
  • Complement or replace older xenon light sources
  • Compatible with all SX and Chirascan stopped-flow models.

Comparison of LEDs and xenon light source intensity

The LED Light Source comprises a power supply and one or more of a selection of wavelength-specific LEDs covering the UV and visible region (280-760nm). The LED connects directly to the cell block of the sample handling unit in place of the fiber-optic light guide from the xenon light source and monochromator.


SX LED Upgrade

High Sensitivity PDA Upgrade

Increase detection sensitivity and efficiency

Direct mounting of a new photodiode array detector to the cell block of the sample handling unit eliminates the need for a fiber-optic link between the cell and detector and improves overall light efficiency and sensitivity:

  • Greatly improved signal:noise in kinetic traces
  • Better absorbance signal accuracy in UV range
  • Improved spectral resolution with less noise
  • Faster PDA integration speeds (minimum 0.68ms)
  • Increased number of spectra per stopped-flow drive–16000
  • Further improvements using deuterium lamp (optional).

The figure shows a comparison of xenon lamp voltage output under identical conditions when using the old fiber optic and new direct-mount PDA accessories.

Increased light throughput of the direct mount PDA allows use of a much lower gain setting, significantly reducing noise levels. Data shows the comparison at 350nm.

“The direct mount PDA upgrade from Applied Photophysics allowed me to upgrade my existing PDA to the latest specification. The upgraded PDA is really simple to fit to the instrument, has given me a ten-fold increase in sensitivity and has greatly improved the signal to noise ratio of my enzyme measurements.” -Dr Andy Holt, University of Alberta.


Compatible with all diode array models supplied to SX systems dating back to 1990. The existing Zeiss spectrometer unit from the original housing is transferred to the updated unit containing the latest control electronics and coupling optics.

Some older models may require upgrading to Pro-Data Windows based software.


SX Pro-Data Upgrade

Achieve modern performance standards

The SX Pro-Data Upgrade is a comprehensive electronics and Windows-based software upgrade to bring earlier generations of SX systems up to the standards expected from a modern SX20 system.

Instrument control is replaced with the latest Pro-Data electronics platform including a USB interface for Windows-based PC operation to provide a powerful, user friendly instrument interface for control, acquisition, display and data analysis. Dual channel detection is standard and an increased oversampling capability over logarithmic and linear time scales enhances data quality.

Extend the life of your instrument - this upgrade is compatible with all SF, DX and SX models of stopped-flow instruments supplied since 1990.


USB communications upgrade

Compatibility with Windows 7 upwards

This USB communications upgrade replaces older fiber-optic communications on SX instruments supplied between 2004 and 2010 operating under Windows XP. All systems installed post-2010 feature USB communications and higher versions of Windows.

In addition to faster, more reliable communication, systems are ‘future-proofed’ for further software updates and compatibility with new accessories.

USB Communications Upgrade