Introducing the SUPR-CM from Protein Stable
The Next Generation Differential Scanning Fluorimeter

Core Advantages

  • The SUPR-CM instrument is an advanced plate-based spectrofluorimeter 
  • Extremely fast, less than 2.5 mins for a 384 well plate
  • Allows resolution of complex multi domain unfolding events
  • Based on intrinsic fluorescence which offers broad compatibility with biological buffers
  • Requires no dyes or labels and offers exceptional data quality and repeatability
  • Analysis of very low (0.015 mg/ml) to very high samples concentration (>150 mg/ml)
  • Very low protein requirement only 300 ng per well.  Equivalent to 1 µl of protein sample, if stock solution is 0.3 mg/ml (based on Mab)
  • Required well volume (sample, buffer and denaturant) of only 30 μl
  • No extra steps e.g., manual transfer into capillaries, or proprietary consumables
  • The SUPR-CM offers chemical melt profiling generating ΔG, and Cm analysis