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Chirascan accessories

Dedicated Chirascan accessories offer the flexibility required to support
multiple research projects.

Contact your local Applied Photophysics representative to discuss
specific requirements.


Monitor changes in fluorescence

Controlled through Chirascan software, the CCD fluorometer generates emission spectra in seconds providing CD, absorbance and fluorescence data in a single experiment.


Increase capacity and productivity

Controlled through Chirascan software, the 6-cell turret enables analysis of up to six samples or 6 thermal denaturation data sets per run. Precision Peltier temperature control and magnetic stirring provide optimal conditions for thermal denaturation (temperature ramp) experiments.


Monitor concentration- and pH-dependent changes in CD, fluorescence or absorbance

Fully automated and controlled through Chirascan software, this dual syringe titration system systematically varies concentration of solution while maintaining constant volume. The optional pH probe enables measurement of sample pH in situ.


Gain insight into conformation and relative orientation of molecules

The LD Couette Cell enables study of macro­molecular structures and their interactions e.g. DNA-ligand binding or orientation of membrane proteins. These structures are either intrinsically oriented or can be oriented during an experiment.


Characterize fast reactions, complement CD spectra with kinetic information

Using the world-leading design of the stopped-flow accessory enables study of reactions in solution and determination of rate constants. Changes in CD, absorbance, fluorescence or fluorescence polarization can be monitored as a function of time.


See changes in chirality of solid state samples

The integrating sphere contains a large reflecting area to ensure high signal:noise when collecting CD data from highly scattering samples such as solids and powders.

A wheel in the solid sample holder enables rotation of transparent samples such as KBr discs to eliminate birefringence effects.


A FLUORESCENCE ANISOTROPY DETECTOR to characterize ligand binding events.

An OPTICAL ROTATORY DISPERSION accessory to characterize chiral molecules at high concentration, where absorption bands are obscured by solvent or buffer salt absorption, or when measuring at wavelengths where a chiral molecule does not necessarily absorb light.

A MAGNETIC CD accessory for study of molecules such as metalloproteins.

A NEAR IR EXTENSION KIT to expand scanning range of a Chirascan V100 to 1700 nm.

Please contact your Applied Photophysics representative to discuss requirements and system compatibility.


Optimize sample concentration and absorbance

Cuvettes and holders

Cuvettes suitable for the most commonly encountered analytical conditions are supplied with every Chirascan system. An extensive range of cuvettes is available to provide full flexibility for further optimization of sample concentration and absorbance if required. All cuvettes are manufactured from far-UV quartz to enable analysis of the secondary structure of biomolecules.